Day Care

A friendly place where we daily take care of 100 children from Ukraine aged 2 to 6 every day.

About the project

The main goal of Day Care Kraków is to provide Ukrainian families with free daycare and education for 100 children aged 2 to 6. For 9 hours a day (7:30 – 17:30) from Monday to Friday, we create a safe space for children to process even the most difficult experiences. We employ professional, certified Ukrainian kindergarten teachers, babysitters, a speech therapist, and a child psychologist.Our preschoolers are prepared to continue their education in both Polish and Ukrainian schools. We have been located at Kamienica Hetmańska, Rynek Główny 17 (entrance from ul. Bracka 4) since April 2022.


We stand out for our exceptional care for children’s psychological conditions and versatile growth through artistic education. We provide children with an attractive program of cultural, educational, musical and sports workshops. We try to support whole families and build a community based on kindness and trust.


Since June 2022, Day Care has been operating under the official patronage of Unicef. Our partner is IKEA, which has equipped the facility with all necessary furniture and accessories.

How it all started

The Center of Small Meetings started in February 2022, when Kraków received many war refugees daily who were trying to find a job or a place to stay in an unknown city and country. The center was created in response to the dramatic situation Ukrainian mothers found themselves in. How would they get through all those formalities being accompanied by small children, additionally complicated by the language barrier, and uncertainty? The main objective of Day Care Kraków was to provide Ukrainian parents with free temporary daily care for 100 children.

Day Care Kraków is a project conceived by Karolina Bisping Adamik, who is currently the president of the FINE Foundation: the official center organizer. From day one many people and institutions have gotten involved in helping build the Day Care concept. Know-how and organizational support were offered by Kraków’s facilities and cultural institutions including Pałac pod Baranami (Under the Rams Palace), Pracownia Arete (Arete Workshop), Przedszkole Mali Przyjaciele (Little Friends Kindergarten), academic staff of theJagiellonian University, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (Kraków Festival Office), various articles and activists from Kraków, as well as countless private persons.


Please register for classes for Ukrainian children aged 2 to 6.

Please volunteer if you would like to help with childcare.

We invite you to lead workshops.


1. In Kamienica Hetmańska, Main Square 17. You can enter the Day Care from ul. Bracka 4. We are on the second floor; the doorway is on the right-hand side at the end of the backyard.


2. What time do the classes happen?

We are open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 till 17:30.


3. How can I register my child?

Please fill in the registration form on the Day Care website.


4. Are classes free of charge?

Yes, they are.


5. Will the child be provided with a warm meal?

Yes, during his/her stay, the child will be provided with 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and a snack.


6. Do the teachers speak Ukrainian?

Yes, the children are taken care of by Ukrainian teachers.


7. Does the center offer the support of child psychologist?

Yes, the child psychologist is present in the center throughout the day.


8. Are teachers qualified? 

Each group is led by a certified pre-school teacher from Ukraine.

9. How big are the groups?

Day Care comprises 4 groups with 25 children each.


10. At what age can children attend your Center?

Children aged 2 to 6 are welcomed.


11. What should a child wear for the classes?

Comfortable clothes that can be stained with paint or other art supplies.


12. Does the child need spare shoes for changing?

Yes, a pair of spare shoes for changes is necessary.


13. What will the children do during the day?

In addition to free play the children will participate in several interesting and creative workshops. The children learn Ukrainian and Polish.


14. How to get to the Day Care?

NThe nearest stop is on Plac Wszystkich Świętych (All Saints Place). You can also take any bus or tram with stops around Planty Park (Teatr Słowackiego, Poczta Główna, Stary Kleparz, Basztowa, Bagatela, etc.), and then walk to the Market Square.


15. Can I park near the place?

Unfortunately, the direct vicinity of the Market Square cannot be entered by car. Paid parking slots (paid via parking meters) are available on the streets approaching Planty Park.

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Kamienica Hetmańska
Rynek Główny 17
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