The Good Emotions Zone

A Support Program for Leaders of Change: teachers and educators working with children in crisis and under a lot of stress.

About the Project

A Support Program for Leaders of Change: teachers and educators working with children in crisis and under a lot of stress.


The Good Emotions Zone program includes a free-of-charge, comprehensive support program that includes:
Live training concluded with the Good Emotions Zone Leader certificate,
Post-training consultations,
A printed guide of the Good Emotions Zone,
Webinars in cooperation with the Famiga Center, along with worksheets and posters prepared by experts.


The extended crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine, preceded by the pandemic and escalated by increasing economic concerns, adversely affects adults and children (either directly or indirectly).


Anticipating another upcoming wave of refugees and energetic crisis, we are aware that the number of challenges that educational institutions will face require proper and adequate preparation: not only logistical but, first and foremost, psychologically.

We realize how many difficulties children experience, from the tensions related to meeting school requirements to maintaining social relationships and several other problems of the modern world, such as addiction to electronics or the growing number of children with depression and anxiety.


On many occasions, we adults find it challenging to cope with all our emotions. In addition, we feel pressured as caregivers who directly impact our children’s well-being.


Poland has only recently started to experience the cultural integration of children and adults from other countries. The challenges that result from this and are faced by our communities, including our school communities, are significant.


Drawing from the experience of countries with a higher rate of immigrant children, we will provide methods and initiatives to help you create an emotionally safe classroom environment where adaptation is a comfortable process and the teacher is supported while dealing with everyday challenges.

Upcoming webinars

26.01, godz. 19:30: Zagłuszane emocji nauczyciela – czy moje emocje są też ważne?
Prowadząca: Natalia de Barbaro


Poprzednie webinary:

15.12: Wykluczenie i trauma u dzieci

22.12: Stres w życiu dziecka. Rodzaje reakcji stresowych i ich konsekwencje w rozwoju dzieci.

29.12: Integracja. Praca z grupą w kryzysie.

5.01: Regulacja emocji u dzieci.

12.01: Zabawy terapeutyczne dla dzieci w kryzysie.

19.01: Ćwiczenia i zabawy wzmacniające poczucie wartości u dzieci.


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