A textbook (ABC book) for developing the reading skills of Ukrainian children. The first steps to learning Polish.

About project

Beautifully illustrated and enriched with additional extra elements such as cutouts and coloring sheets, the primer will make learning Polish easy and enjoyable. Prepared primarily for children from Ukraine but also applicable to Polish pupils.


Let us introduce you to Maks, Nina, Aleks, and Ala. They will accompany you as you enter the magical world of letters. You’ll learn to read single words in syllables and then simple sentences. You’ll learn the names of animals, vehicles, jobs, instruments, everyday routines, and other words we use to describe our closest environments.

The primer is a book intended for children from both Ukraine and Poland who are beginning to learn the Polish language. There is no room for boredom in our primer. There are simple vocabulary and grammar exercises. The tasks are designed to train listening and repetition skills, comprehension, independent speaking, and reading. It’s a book ideal for flipping through, reading, having fun, and talking. For children, parents, teachers, and speech therapists.

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